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"As patients at Waldwick Physical Therapy my husband and I want to thank 3 of the most amazing physical therapists, Paul Artale(owner) Joe Bumanlag, and Anthony Giannella, through their professionalism, knowledge, compassion and encouragement they got us through our rehabilitation.Before my surgery for my rotator cuff, from the beginning of my journey; I met with Paul. Artale for a consultation. He encouraged me that after my surgery he and his amazing staff would help me regain my full range of motion in my arm and shoulder. Their promise led to a reality. Taking my journey from post operative surgery to regaining my strength, flexibility and range of motion was a gift they gave me. For my husband the prognosis was the same. He regained his strength, balance, and confidence from his back issues. We now have the knowledge and ability to continue to enjoy a healthy life As far as making appointments for our therapy, Melissa and Ronnie were so happy to help and were so flexible and patient and they did it with a smile. We highly recommend Waldwick Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation."
Dec 05, 2022
"Paul Artale, at Waldwick Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, has infinitely helped my neck problems within a few weeks. I was diagnosed with muscle spams and muscle knots, and I was in considerable pain. Through Paul's physical therapy, I am now without pain and have resumed my pre-neck issues workouts. Paul has given me additional exercises to continue strengthening my neck and shoulder area, and I am impressed with his extensive knowledge and expertise. He is professional, knowledgeable, competent, and efficient. His caring, compassionate demeanor make my physical therapy sessions a pleasure. Therefore, with great admiration, I highly recommend Paul for any physical therapy issues."
Dec 15, 2020